Why Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance?

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3. A policyholder hosted a graduation celebration. One of the guests drove off after drinking a few glasses of alcohol. His impaired driving caused him to drive erratically and he eventually crashed into oncoming traffic, and resulted in a fatality. The family of the victim sued the party host for $1,000,000.

4. With the intent to move into a home he had rented out, a landlord sent a 60-day notice to his tenants. Because he disregarded a stipulated law that under the circumstances, he must move into the vacated property within 90 days of the notice, the landlord was sued for $20,000 for wrongful eviction by his former tenants.

5. It poured and poured and poured until a condominium owner’s drain pipe became blocked. Unfortunately, the water built up and overflowed, resulting in damage to the condo below and liability for the first condo-owner. The $120,000-worth of damages was covered by personal umbrella insurance.

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